Samuel Little the American Serial Killer Eps. 01

Samuel Little is a notorious serial killer, known as “The American Serial Killer”, ho was convicted in 2017 of the murders of 3 women out of California. Though he was only convicted of the 3 murders, he has claimed to have murdered over 90 victims from the period of 1970-the mid 2000s.

What is so chilling about his claims is that as he is being recorded by the FBI he can describe each murder in detail to include sketches, complexion, hair color, locations, and conversations. He can remember the names and dates of many of his victims and murder.

Samuel Little Las Vegas Murder 1993

In the video below Samuel describes to the FBI one of his murders of an unidentified Las Vegas woman in 1993. He said she was an African American and who looked to be in her 40’s. Described by Samuel as of a darker-skinned complexion, the woman first introduced her son to Samuel, who shook his hand before she jumped in the car with Samuel for a trip to New Orleans.

Samuel and the woman then ride out of town toward California. Samuel then strangles the woman and dumps her body down a sloped embankment in the desert near the exit toward searchlight, Nevada.

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