Las Vegas Murder for Hire George Tiaffay and Noel “Greyhound” Stevens Eps. 02

Victim Las Vegas cocktail waitress Shauna Tiaffay

Today’s story is about the conviction of murder for hire hitman, Noel “Greyhound” Stevens and former west point grad and fireman, George Tiaffay. These two were convicted in the murder of Las Vegas Palms waitress and mother, Shauna Tiaffay.

Previous to Shauna’s murder she had suffered a break-in to her condo and was afraid that she may be a victim of a deranged stalker from her job. She contacted the police yet there were no clues to her her alleged stalker might be.

A couple of weeks later September 29th, 2012, Shauna was found bludgeon to death by use of a hammer. An investigation was conducted and it was determined that Shauna’s well known and well respected estranged husband and firefighter husband had hired ex-con, Noel “greyhound” Stevens to hide in her condo to kill Shauna.

Apparently the good guy act that George wore on the outside was not the same man that Shauna knew at home. Shauna described to friends that George would call her names like “slut” in front of their young daughter.

George befriended a homeless man named Noel Greyhound Stevens and hired him to do odd jobs around the house, but Shauna had an eerie feeling and asked “why is this guy in her house? He seems creepy”.

Shauna’s body was found by her estranged husband who came over to bring their daughter home after his 24-hour shift at the fire station. He had a rock-solid alibi. He arrived to find her townhouse garage open which was unusual. He called 911 and reported his wife cold, bleeding, and not breathing.

Later cops were tipped off by another Las Vegas resident, “Big Will”. Greyhound had confessed to friend Big Will that he had recently killed a lady with a hammer.

This gave cops the lead they needed to pursue. They found proof of Shauna’s murder by locating Greyhounds tent in the dessert and found evidence that contained Shauna’s blood.

After questioning Greyhound, they reviewed his phone and found many calls to Shauna husband, George Tiaffay. This was the connection the detectives needed to connect the dots. It turns out Noel made over 89 phone calls to Tiaffay in the month before the death of Shauna.

After reviewing hours of video surveillance cops find Noel and Tiaffay shopping together for hammers.

What was the supposed motive for such a well regarded west-point grad and pillar of the community to engage in such an abhorrent act? One word Money. Apparently, Shauna was a big spender and George liked to save money.

After compiling the evidence they arrested George after a high speed police chase.

Eventually both convicted but not without an intense trial with heavy resistance.

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