Haunting Murder at the State Line 20 years Eps. 4 Jeremy Strohmeyer

It’s been over 20 years since the murder of Sherice Iverson at the Primm Resort Casino at the state line. I still remember the beautiful smiling photo of this little girl. Gone but forever remembered.

Sherice Iverson

Sherice Iverson who was a 7-year-old African American child who was in the full custody of her father Leroy Iverson and 14-year-old brother Harold. Sherice lived in Southcentral Los Angeles and was on her way with her father to visit a friend in Las Vegas for Memorial Day weekend.   

Jeremy Strohmeyer

Jeremy Strohmeyer was born October 1978 he’s from Long Beach California and was adopted as a baby Boy by John and Wendy Strohmeyer in 1998. In the 1980s his real parents had lost custody of him when he was a newborn. In 1997 he was a senior about to graduate at Wilson High School in a couple of weeks before the incident. He had come to Las Vegas with his best David Cash Jr. and his friend’s father. 

On the way to Vegas Sherice’s father stopped to gamble at the Buffalo Bills casino across the street and then  Pimm Hotel and Casino at the California Nevada state line. He had come to Vegas to gamble and drink and arrived at the state line at approximately 12:00 am. Numerous times Leroy was asked to keep an eye on his 7 year old daughter by hotel security.

Jeremy Strohmeyer and  David Cash Jr. were also at the stateline around 2 am. At the Primm hotel casino. Jeremy  started to play around with the young girl chasing her around in the casino. The soon-to-be adults Jeremy and Brandon play hide and seek with the little girl around 3:40 am. Sherice runs into the women’s bathroom. However Jeremy followed her into the bathroom. The feeling was she did not think that the boys would follow her into the bathroom and may have been trying to escape them thinking the bathroom was a safe place for her to hide. They began to throw wet paper towels for a minute and  then Sharice saw the yellow wet floor sign and picked that up and hit Jeremy. Jeremy snapped at that moment. This is when David walks into the bathroom and sees Jeremy take her into the stall and close the door. 

So David went into the second stall next to them when he stood on the toilet to look over and see what Jeremy was doing. Jeremy had his hands over Sherise’s  Mouth and his hand over her stomach. David said he gave Jermey a look like, “dude let’s go”, and hit him on top of his head like let’s go but he didn’t say anything to him. Jeremy looked at him with a Blank Stare so David left the bathroom becuase he said he didn’t want to be involved in what Jeremy was doing. 

Jeremy took her pants off and he took her underwear off he molested her and tried to rape her, but she kept trying to scream. So he told her if you scream, I will kill you but she still screamed so he strangled her and he threw her down on the floor. He went to leave but when he turned she was gasping for air and it did not want to leave her like that. So he came back into the stall and twisted her neck hard until it popped and he broke her neck until she stopped breathing. He propped her up in the toilet like if she was sitting on it and left the bathroom. 

Fifteen minutes later he caught up with David  and told him everything he had done. They left the Primm for Vegas and the two friends just went on having a good time the rest of the weekend. Nobody said anything just enjoyed the rest of the weekend. 

Back at the Primm Sherice’s brother and father were looking for her at this time but couldn’t find her. Around 5:30 am she was found by a porter who called Security they tried to give her CPR which didn’t work. They called Metro and that’s when the detective Phil Ramos arrived on the scene.

Phil Ramos now retired but said “this case still haunts him to this day”, because he thought more should have been done and more people should have been accounted for the actions that happened and he never forgot.

When Ramos came out to the hotel he checked the cameras. He saw the boys following Sharice into the bathroom. 

A  few days later after the murder was annonced on the news, they played the video. The crime went national news and  kids from Jeremy’s high school recognized them from their school and contacted Metro. Classmates identified Jeremy Strohmeyer and his friend David Cash Jr. Both were arrested and brought back to Las Vegas where they started questioning them about the crime. He confessed to everything but said he didn’t know why or remember he killed the little girl and he blacked out or something.  He said he was high on drugs and  drinking and remember everything up to the point where the little girl was murdered. Jeremy was charged for sex with a child  kidnapping and murder. Cash was not charged as he did not witness the murder.

Six days later, after the death of Sharice, more than 200 family members and Friends attended the little girl’s funeral in a Los Angeles Church where they mourned her death.

Jeremey was provided a high profile lawyer for the trial that began September 1998.  He was convicted for each count guilty now is incarcerated at the Ely State Prison Nevada maximum serving life. He was placed in administrative surrogation meaning that he was not placed in the general population.The other inmates wanted to kill him. He has been transferred to Lovelock Correctional. I Lovelock Nevada in medium custody. He has attempted to appeal his   conviction in 2000 and he was unsuccessful. He  also attempted to  appeal to federal court in 2006 and tried Supreme Court and 2016 all were denied. 

Sherice’s mom later cast the bill for her daughter and today you are unable to leave your children Inside the Hotel Casino alone. We can only imagine who and what Sharice;s life would have been like today.





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